[Man: Why was my normal need rejected?

[Man: Why was my normal need rejected?

In sexual relations, it is important to communicate your sexual needs with the other half, but this is difficult for most people.

Many of my clients finally found the courage to express their needs to bed to their partners, but found that their demands were often ignored.

This situation is most likely caused by one of the following six reasons.


The timing is not right Many people like to say, “I hope you are more confident and brave next time?”


This strategy is often counterproductive.

You have to know that it is difficult to talk about sex, and it is even more difficult to talk about sex immediately after you have finished it.

Strength, at this time he is more fragile than usual, which makes it easier to build a defensive mentality and to contradict your words.

At the same time, he may be in a bliss hallucination after the climax, causing him to not hear or hear what you are saying.

My advice is: Don’t put it in the bedroom, but choose the time when you usually relax.