[The four major sexual peaks of a woman cannot be stopped]

[The four major sexual peaks of a woman cannot be stopped]

From a physiological point of view, the peak of male sexual desire is around 20 years old, and by the age of 30 or 40 years old, sexual desire will gradually be gradually talked about, and sexual abilities will gradually begin to decline.

So when is the peak period of a woman’s sexual desire?

At what stage are women the most “like a wolf”?

The “honeymoon peak” in the first year of marriage. For couples, the frequency of sexual life in the first year of marriage is probably the highest in their lives. Among them, the first part of the first oil poem is “seven nights at the beginning of a wedding” (seven nights in a house).This is an exaggerated and vivid portrayal of this peak.

Marriage is not necessarily the grave of love, but may be a legitimate “fire line” into the peak of love.

From a love affair (before marriage) to a skin blind date (sex after marriage) is a qualitative leap in sexual activity.

Marriage brings happiness, security, mutual trust, and freshness and exploration of sexual life, all of which are the psychological foundation of the “honeymoon peak”.

Although many women are still unable to experience orgasm in the early stages of marriage, in the displacement of tenderness and love, driven by sexual instincts, they can still have sexual activity and feel extremely entertaining, actively and wholeheartedly.Sex life after wedding.