[What is Sanhua tea?

】 _How to do_How to do

[What is Sanhua tea?
】 _How to do_How to do

In our country, most flower teas are made from petals. Some rose tea, jasmine tea, osmanthus tea, chrysanthemum tea, etc. are quite delicious, and their nutritional effects are also different.

In the daily life, some big brothers like to drink Sanhua tea very much, and they drink it basically every day.

So the question is, what exactly is Sanhua tea?

The “Sanhua” of Sanhua Tea refers to honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and jasmine.

Sanhua tea is a common medicinal tea in life, which has a series of functions such as clearing heat and detoxifying.

Sanhua tea contains three types of petals, mainly honeysuckle. For example, adding ten grams of honeysuckle to match five grams of chrysanthemum, while jasmine is relatively small, about three grams.

This is the essence of the practice of Sanhua tea. Mastering the proportion of three flowers can make all three flowers achieve the best results.

Add 15 grams of honeysuckle, 10 grams of chrysanthemum, and 3 grams of jasmine into the cup of boiling water to brew, simmer for 10-15 minutes, replace with tea.


It is suitable for wind-heat cold caused by burning poison, sore throat and scabies.

This tea has the effect of reducing the “fire” for ordinary “fire” enthusiasts.

Effects of Sanhua Tea Sanhua Tea can clear heat and detoxify, and is suitable for preventing wind-heat and cold, sore throat, scabies and so on. Regular clothes can reduce fire and have the effect of calming meditation.

It is suitable for high blood pressure accompanied by fever and constipation. It should be taken according to the situation after taking it. If the stool is thin, it is not suitable for taking.

Chrysanthemum has the effect of clearing wind and clearing heat, calming the liver and clearing eyes, combined with wind-heat and cold, headache, dizziness, red eyes, swelling and pain, and faint eyes.

Honeysuckle can not only disperse wind-heat, but also be good at clearing blood and detoxifying. It is used for various thermal venereal diseases such as body heat, rash, spot, heat sore, sore throat and so on.