[How to test barbecue]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to test barbecue]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Barbecue is a food that people often like to eat. The taste of barbecue is very good, especially some tender meat.

But often we should eat outside when we eat barbecue, because eating outside is a treat.

But what I don’t understand is that we can grill meat at home.

Just need to master a certain method.

So people often adjust to their own tastes.

How to test the barbecue?

How to grill barbecue seasonings (bottled): cumin powder, thirteen incense, edible salt (can be replaced by salt and pepper powder and thirteen incense), chili powder.

These materials can be mixed.

Such as: cumin powder can add thirteen incense.

First grill the food on the grill to dry the water, then brush with some oil before grilling (the reason for brushing the oil is to keep the food dry and delicious). Bake until 70% to 80%.(Salty), sprinkle the seasoning powder after cooking, and finally brush with oil to increase gloss.

Meat should be grilled on one side and then on the other side after brushing with oil. Do not toss and toss.

Nine dishes (Philippines) should not be roasted for too long and will grow old, and will be added to the table when it is matured?
The dryness and humidity of the meat is that the skewers can absorb the spices without falling, and the water is not suitable.

It is thin when soaked in water, it is not easy to maintain the flavor, and it consumes oil. It should be held in the hand to feel moist but not watery.


The skewer method first cleans the meat and vegetables that should be roasted, and then cuts the meat into 2-4 cm length and width 0.

8 cm square meat strips (can also be customized): Pork ribs are priced according to your local market price. After the fish is scaled, the belly is washed and cut into 12 cm pieces or whole fish of unlimited length: 藕To wear health.

Then wear bamboo skewers into strings: meat into T-shaped: fish, eggplant and other large skewers with two skewers each.


Roasting method: Roast meat slices: thin slices of meat can be cooked in about 3 minutes. It should not be roasted for too long, otherwise, the meat will become hard or burnt and will not be delicious.

Pork must be fried until fully cooked before being eaten. Beef should not be roasted until fully cooked, otherwise it will destroy the tenderness of the meat.

Seafood and fish: When grilling clams and fish fillets, it is best to wrap them in tin foil. This will make it difficult to scorch the fish skin and store delicious soup.

BBQ about 2?
After 3 minutes, add the fillets and serve immediately.

Sweet and not hot, hot dogs, sausages, etc .: Use low heat as much as possible. In addition to vegetables, it is best to put it in a tin box and grill it with a smoldering method. The hotter the better.


Charcoal The best choice for fuel is charcoal. Try not to use chemical charcoal.

The special flavor of charcoal grilled food comes from the smell of grilled food when charcoal is hot, so choosing good charcoal is the basis for enjoying deliciousness.

Good quality charcoal fires generally burn for a long time and the fire is good.

It is best to choose the part of the charcoal, and do not use the whole tuber, otherwise it is not easy to light.

At the time of ignition, for a pack of 5 seeds, put 5 at a time.

When the charcoal is burned until it is transparent and hot, it should be flattened and grilled. When the surface of the charcoal has not been completely burned, do not rush to grill it. This will easily turn the food into black.


Cleaning the Grill Before grilling food, brush the grill with a layer of oil to prevent food from sticking to the shelf.

Use an iron brush to brush off the residue on the grill at any time and keep the grill clean, so as not to affect the flavor of the food.


Turn the food on the grill in a timely manner, keep turning it over and over and even extend the cooking time, which will destroy the protein and cause the meat to harden.

When turning food, the food must be heated to a certain degree to make it easy to turn over.

If some food sticks to the net rack after turning over, it means that the protein has not been completely heated, and the deadlift will only tear the protein fibers. If it is fish, it will peel.
The longer the moisture-filled food is in the grilling process, the more water and fat disappear, and the drier the taste is.

Therefore, during the barbecue process, you should brush some barbecue sauce on the food to keep the food moist, but be careful not to brush too much at one time, which will cause the food to be too salty.


Use of salt Salt can be used to flavor.

In addition, during roasting, many fat-rich foods will drip oil when heated. These oil droplets will be burned by charcoal to generate a high flame, which will burn the food on the grid.

If sprayed with water, it will only produce soot and contaminate the food. At this time, just sprinkle some salt in the fire can solve the problem.


Diamond-shaped grill marks Authentic diamond-shaped grill marks can definitely add to the skill of grilling.

It is not difficult to bake diamond-shaped grill marks. First, the charcoal temperature must be hot enough, and then place the food on the grill at a 30-degree angle. When the food is fully heated, turn the food to a 30-degree angle in the opposite direction.Rhombus-shaped marks.

How is the barbecue delicious?

The above is what I teach everyone about barbecue: it is delicious and delicious.

However, it is not recommended to eat foods such as barbecue every day.

For those who have stomach problems, they should eat light foods. Don’t eat foods that are too heavy, but occasionally go out to eat.