[Can peanuts and watermelons be eaten together]_edible_taboo

[Can peanuts and watermelons be eaten together]_edible_taboo

Peanut is a nut food, which has the benefit of softening blood vessels.

Peanuts are relatively common for ordinary people.

Peanut itself is a kind of greasy food.

Watermelon is an indispensable thing in summer. Watermelon is a cold food and generally can relieve fatigue.

Because watermelon is a cold fruit, eating peanuts after eating watermelon is very easy to indigestion and even diarrhea.

First, peanuts and watermelons cannot be eaten together.

Peanuts have a high oil content, with a trace content of about 44 grams per 100 grams of peanuts.

The digestion time of the fat itself is prolonged, and the extreme is also the largest. The encounter of cold foods and fats will increase the smoothness of the intestine, which may cause diarrhea. For people with poor digestive function of the stomach and cold spleen and stomach, eatingBasically cause diarrhea.

The fat digestion takes a long time, and the internal residence time is also long.

First of all, eating peanuts will get angry.

Peanuts consume too much bile when they digest too much fat, so they should not be used in patients with biliary disease; those who have yin deficiency and internal heat should not eat fried peanuts to avoid heat and fire.

Mold can cause cancer.

Peanut rice is susceptible to moisture and mildew, and produces a carcinogenic aflatoxin.

Aflatoxin can cause toxic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer.

This toxin is resistant to high temperatures and can not be decomposed by cooking methods such as frying, frying, boiling, and frying.

So be sure not to eat moldy peanuts.

Eating too much can lead to obesity.

Bijing peanut protein and peanut oil are high-conversion foods.

Peanuts cannot be eaten for those who have a bad stomach.

Especially people with poor gastrointestinal function should eat less.

Peanuts contain oil as high as about 50 ° C, which can lead to overdose.

Peanuts are not eaten by people. Some people cause allergies, so do n’t eat them. The dangers of peanut allergies are very serious, and they will soon cause shock.

Watermelon is cold food.

Watermelon clearing heat and detoxifying can promote human metabolism, help lower blood pressure and help digestion.

It has a cosmetic effect. Many ingredients of watermelon are still often in the mask, hydrating, moisturizing, whitening the skin, increasing skin elasticity and reducing skin wrinkles.