[Stretching here, so that men are fine for a long time]

[Stretching here, so that men are “fine” for a long time]

In today’s society, men need to do a lot.

Take care of the family and be busy with work.

At the same time, we must solve our own physiological needs and satisfy our lover’s desires . and then we must devote ourselves to the endless things.

Therefore, men need to have enough energy to cope with these things.

However, after experiencing the fierce movement of sex, what should be done to quickly recover energy without affecting normal work and life?

Description of the phenomenon Nowadays, due to the increase in work and life pressures, some men are repeatedly feeling that it is always difficult to use them. Especially after sex, the body always feels tired, sour, and has an inexhaustible feeling of fatigue.Not even fully recovered the next day.

If you add more exercise, this feeling will be stronger.

Gradually, they will have a fear of intercourse, which will cause conflict between husband and wife.