[Are there any parasites in steaks?]_ Microbes_Pests

[Are there any parasites in steaks?]_ Microbes_Pests

Although steak is expected by western countries in Europe and America, to this day, the Chinese have accepted it, and many Chinese people like to eat steak.

There are many ways to cook steaks. The most common is fried steaks. The fried steaks are divided into a few cooked ones. For many Chinese who are accustomed to cooked food, they will choose to fully cook them, but for some people who have been influenced by Western culture.In other words, they will choose incomplete.

So, are steaks unfamiliar with parasites?

Steaks are different from most other cooked foods. Steaks are usually not cooked to perfection, but can be adjusted to your own preferences.

The raw and cooked degrees are divided by odd numbers, and are mainly divided into: whole raw steak (raw), near raw steak (blue), one-point cooked steak (rare), three-point cooked steak (medium rare), and five-point cooked steak (medium), Medium well, well done Some people worry that there will be parasites in 5 well cooked steak. In fact, the beef used to make steak should generally be at least pollution-free beef. It is a kind ofIt is pollution-free, non-toxic, safe and high-quality food. Beef itself is not rich in parasites.

Reliable steaks are raised in the breeding farm. After the cattle are slaughtered, meat from multiple parts is cut, and the surface of these meats is sprayed with ferritin to prevent the surface from being infected with these parasites.

As long as the interior is not cut, it will not be polluted.

So reliable steak is basically no matter how mature it is.

However, some unsatisfactory vendors will use sick beef to fill up. Ordinary consumers should have a certain ability to identify, not too expensive, and should go to a reputable brand store to eat.

But why doesn’t eating steaks that are undercooked make you diarrhea?

Therefore, it can be discussed from three aspects: bacteria, parasites and viruses.

Let’s talk about bacteria first. Florida State University has done an experiment on the relationship between beef maturity and bacterial residue.

The results show that as long as the beef product is not ground meat, the surface can be fully sterilized.

Because the steak is sterile inside.

This is one of the reasons why beef can be eaten raw.

The ground meat is mixed with the surface meat and the inside, causing bacteria to be contaminated everywhere, so it must be fully cooked before it can be completely sterilized.

In summary, if you do the following, there is no safety issue with raw beef: 1.

Confirm that beef kills parasites 2 by freezing.

Fully heat the steak surface 3.

Beef products processed without minced meat