[0-1 year old infant nutrition recipe]_Baby_Newborn_Toddler_Baby

[0-1 year old infant nutrition recipe]_Baby_Newborn_Toddler_Baby

For the health of the baby, many new mothers will choose breast milk instead. When they start to add complementary food after 4 months, they will give the baby some rice noodles, rice soup, egg yolk mud, etc .; 6-8 months can eat liver meat, pork bone carrotsMud, shrimp noodle soup noodles, etc .; 8-12 months babies can eat some eight treasure porridge, tomato egg vegetable noodle soup, papaya stewed white fungus and so on.

First, what is the best choice for baby complementary food 4?
6 month baby 4?
6-month-old babies are mainly breast milk, complementary food is trying to eat with.

At first it was mainly 1?
2 scoops, increase slowly as you go back.

Mainly liquid or muddy food.

Now I will introduce the recipe suitable for the baby of this month: 1, brew rice flour with 1 spoon of rice flour 3?
4 spoons of warm water, stir into a paste and serve immediately.


Rice soup is usually cooked with a little water. Take the cooked rice soup with the upper layer of rice soup. The rice soup has a sweet taste of starch and also contains protein, vitamins and other nutrients.

3. Yolk puree Roll the cooked eggs into a puree with a spoon and pour in an appropriate amount of boiling water and stir well.

It can also be brewed with formula.

Egg yolks can be used at one-eighth at first, and then gradually increased according to the baby’s degree of absorption.

Egg yolk contains a small amount of iron, and the yolk mud can effectively supplement the iron element missing in the baby’s body.

Second, what is the best choice for baby complementary food 6?
8 month baby 6?
8-month-old babies are mainly mud-like, mushy foods, but you should slowly let your baby try vegetable porridge, or try boiled noodles.

Babies at this stage can learn to chew and swallow.

Below I will introduce recipes suitable for the baby of this month: 1. The liver and meat mud will clean the pig liver and lean pork, scrape it with a knife, take the upper liver mud, put the meat mud in a bowl, put it in cold water, cooking wine alsoWith salt, stir well and steam until ready to eat.

Liver mud is also a good ingredient for blood.

2. Pork bone and carrot puree First clean the pork bones and cook them with carrots. Add 2 or 3 drops of vinegar and cook until the soup is thick. After the carrots are boiled, remove the boiled carrots and crush them with a spoon to eat.

3, shrimp noodle soup noodles, cut the dragon whisk noodles into small pieces, put them in a pot and boil them out, chopped cooked shrimp and set aside, as well as the green cabbage heart boiled with boiling water and chopped before placing next.

After that, the crushed noodles and spare shrimp and green cabbage heart are put into the pot together, and slowly cooked with broth. After the high heat is cooked, change to a low heat and slowly boil.

Vegetable oil is more fragrant when it is almost ripe.

Third, what is the best choice for baby food 8?
12 month baby 8?
12-month-old baby can apply the three meals and three o’clock eating habits, get up in the morning and drink milk before going to bed at night, lunch and dinner with high nutritional value porridge or cooked pasta, between breakfast and lunch, lunchSome small snacks can be fed appropriately between dinner and dinner. This is called three meals and three o’clock.

Below I will introduce recipes suitable for the baby of this month: 1. Babao porridge will be washed with glutinous rice, red dates, red beans, dried longan, lotus seeds, walnuts and peanuts, then put them into a rice cooker to make porridge.Rock sugar.

Babao porridge is comprehensive and delicious, which is a good choice.

2. Stir fry tomato and egg vegetable soup noodles, stir fry with boiled green cabbage for a while, then add broth, noodles, and tomatoes cut into small pieces, and cook on low heat to 5?
After 10 minutes, sprinkle the well-stirred eggs on the noodles, and then cook them until they become lumps, add salt, and evenly eat immediately.

3, papaya stewed white fungus Deseed the papaya, wash it into a bowl, take an appropriate amount of chopped white fungus and an appropriate amount of rock sugar, put it in the pot with the papaya, and steam it over high heat.

Papaya stewed with white fungus is cool and delicious, and it also helps your baby digest and absorb.

The complementary foods of babies at different stages are different. Mothers can match different complementary foods to their babies according to their preferences.

I wish my baby healthy growth.