[Women can be divided in this way]

[Women can be divided in this way]

Although the sexual desire of women is based on the research of sexology experts, each person will be stronger than usual due to the “ovulation period” or “menstrual period”, but the strength of each person’s sexual desire will also be greatly different due to personal differences.Clinical observations over the years can be roughly divided into ABCD grades according to their sexual desire.

Class A initiative requires.
Needlessness A-class (excited) women, this is the strongest sexual desire, there is no need for men to tease, there is no need to come, even the initiative will ask, seduce, all ages, needlessness: they are full of hunger and thirst, My heart is crying: as long as I like, what can’t I do?

This kind of woman can’t resist a little irritation or wild calling. If a man touches his nipples, he will immediately scream softly and can’t stand it. If the man immediately raises his gun to extinguish the fire, she must squint and squint and enjoy the orgasm.

In her daily words and deeds, she only felt that she didn’t distinguish the subject, flirting with winks, and when she was nobody, she spoke tenderly like tender water, and was obviously only good to men, regardless of the three teachings and the ninth class, but she always treated other women with disdain or disdain.Rationale: If a woman at this level can cultivate her mind and restrain her passions, she will probably get the reputation of “flower idiot”. If she is indulgent and freewheeling, she will probably fall into the dust and get what she wants.