[What is the role of opo structural lipids?

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[What is the role of opo structural lipids?
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For many people, opo lipids must be relatively new. In fact, this is a chemical substance, which is widely used. For example, very young babies are weak and have weak disease resistance, soMany babies often get sick, especially prone to some gastrointestinal diseases. The most common ones include diarrhea, constipation, etc. The baby’s stomach is prone to bacterial growth. At this time, opo structural fat can be used, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria.It can help the baby to improve disease resistance and effectively reduce the probability of the baby’s disease. In addition, the opo structural fat is also very good for human bone health.

First of all, the lipid effect of OPO structure reduces constipation and difficulty in defecation: the baby itself is a nutrition transfer station for growth and development, and the digestion and absorption of nutrients required for its production and development depend on healthy interaction functions.

Formulated milk powder with structural fat OPO changes the micromolecular structure, which can effectively reduce the possibility of low calcium soap, thereby softening the baby’s bowel movements, reducing the chance of the baby’s turbulence and constipation, and avoiding the baby getting angry.

Reduce nutrient loss: Nutrition is an essential element for the growth of a baby. Formulated milk powder with added structural fat OPO changes the molecular structure, which effectively improves the baby’s absorption and utilization of minerals such as energy and calcium, and reduces nutrient loss.

Promote skeletal development: Calcium is the main component of human bones and plays an irreplaceable role in the baby’s bone production and development.

Formula milk with added structural fat OPO can effectively reduce the formation of low calcium soap without affecting the absorption of calcium, allowing calcium to fully precipitate in the bones, thereby better supporting the baby’s physical and bone growth.

Second, OPO structure lipid structure lipid OPO is actually a type of structured feces. Enzymatic lipid exchange technology is used to simulate the molecular structure of breast milk lipids, so that the proportion of palmitic acid at the 2-position can reach more than 40%, which is closer to the level of breast milk.

母乳中大部分能量是以脂肪形式存在的,母乳中脂肪高达70%的棕榈酸连在2位上,而不饱和脂肪酸主要连接在1、3位上,即O-P-O结构,这种结构脂肪,经过After digestion and absorption, the unsaturated fatty acids released at the first and third positions are easily referred to as absorbed into the blood, and palmitic acid at the second position is also easily inserted and absorbed.

Third, the results of clinical trials: main functions: prevent constipation, smooth stool, optimize calcium and fatty acid absorption, and enhance bone development.

Promote the growth of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, and inhibit the growth of Clostridium and Staphylococcus.

Secondary functions: good absorption, fast metabolism, sleep soundly, and the baby is less ill.

Auxiliary functions: baby bone health, prevent osteoporosis in the elderly.

Weaver, a member of the European Society of Chronic Pediatrics, Hepatology and Nutrition, said that the addition of structural fat “OPO” is one of the latest developments in formula milk powder for more than a century.

Nutrition experts believe that structural fat “OPO” is to restore nature from molecular mechanisms. Adding appropriate amounts of nutrients to milk powder, especially adding structural fat “OPO”, can restore milk powder to nature through human-friendly technology.It conforms to the baby’s natural nutritional needs, better supports the baby’s healthy growth, and fully releases the baby’s talent and potential.