[Women hate going to bed with these five types of men]

[Women hate going to bed with these five types of men]

What women can accept is the tough attitude of men and the “tough” male body. Men’s toughness and wildness are absolutely popular in bed, but it is rude in itself.

Number one: The ethnic characteristics of crutch men: too rough “Crutch” characteristics: pretentious, always wanting to show off violence Violent women can accept men’s tough attitude, and “tough” men, men’sToughness and wildness are definitely welcome on the bed, but it must be rude.

A tough and wild man, his starting point is his object, and a rough man has no counterpart in his heart. He is selfish, selfish, and arrogant. Paradoxically, sometimes he is arrogant because of inferiority. He doesn’t care about two peopleInteraction between women is just a self-verification tool for him. When it is said that the more “not” he can, he has to comfort himself by lowering the suppression of women.

Counselling advice: Confident people calm down, and the pain makes women just want to kick men out of bed.

Don’t take sex as a ritual of conquest, be confident, and get along with women on an equal footing, this will make men more at ease.