[Does green tea shave oil]_action_benefit

[Does green tea shave oil]_action_benefit

Tea culture is a traditional inheritance unique to China.

China’s tea culture is extensive and profound. People who do not specialize in tea do not understand the knowledge it represents.

Green tea is a kind of tea we often hear, but we often have a misunderstanding that green tea is a kind of tea. In fact, green tea is a category in tea. It has a good effect on bowel cleansing. In fact, it isThe so-called scraping off the excess greasy in the middle, here are some of the more famous green teas.

First, oolong tea (especially Tieguanyin) oolong tea has a slight weight loss effect.

Because the main ingredient in tea-tannic acid, is closely related to the metabolism of adults.

Oolong tea can reduce plasma levels in the blood.

The ratio of oolong tea to black tea and green tea, in addition to stimulating the activity of diabetic enzymes to reduce diabetes, reduce the absorption of sugars and trace foods, can also accelerate the increase of body production, promote light burning, and reduce the accumulation of a small number of adults.

Second, Pu’er tea Pu’er tea has a variety of effects such as lowering blood lipids, losing weight, inhibiting bacteria and helping digestion, warming the stomach, promoting body fluids, quenching thirst, sobering and detoxifying.

It can clear the stomach and promote hydration, eliminate food and phlegm, detoxify and detoxify, diuretic and cold, relieve cough and phlegm, and lower blood lipids and cholesterol.

Third, coix seed tea Coix seed can promote the metabolism of blood and water in the body, diuretic and edema, so it can achieve the effect of weight loss.

Fourth, the aromatic compounds in lotus leaf tea lotus leaf tea can effectively dissolve slightly, remove turbidity and greasy to prevent a small amount of accumulation in the body; vitamins B1, C and caffeine can promote gastric secretion and help digestion and fat elimination.

For the chronic fatigue stress family, gas stagnation obesity such as drinking less and moving more, but can’t lose weight, can bring double weight loss effects.

At the same time, it also has excellent water-saving effects. Office workers who are sedentary and less active are prone to edema, spleen deficiency, and qi deficiency. They should drink more lotus leaf tea. When excess uncles and stranded leftovers in the body are replaced, people will naturally change.Thin.

Fifth, Cassia seed tea Cassia seed has a slightly cold nature, with a slightly grassy fragrance. Sleeping on the pillow and smelling it is like sleeping in the grass.

The seeds are hard and can massage the head and implanted points.

Natural masseuse.

The elderly can use Cassia Seed Tea to improve the smoothness of the stool, and can also use health functions such as eyesight, blood pressure reduction, and lipid regulation.