[4 steps to perfect married life]

[4 steps to perfect married life]

Introduction: Marital sex is an art. Only when both husband and wife communicate in time and work together can it be perfected.

Sex should be exciting, and sometimes small changes can spark sex in your sexual encounters.

The following aesthetic issues that are often overlooked by Chinese people in sex are of great significance in regulating both the physical and psychological aspects of both sexes.

Preventive measures in a good mood: The hygiene of the body and sex organs is not only of hygienic significance, but also of great aesthetic significance.

Unclean contact on either side of the couple means an unpleasant reaction from both sides and a strong inhibitor of sexual success for both parties to the conflict.

In particular, the unpleasant odor emitted by the man’s foreskin will not only cause the woman’s psychic aversion, virtually eliminate the emotions in sex, but also easily cause various gynecological diseases.

Therefore, husbands and wives should develop a good habit of rinsing, brushing their teeth and cleaning their lower bodies before each intercourse.