[Efficacy and Practice of Spleen Cake]_Benefits_Advantages

[Efficacy and Practice of Spleen Cake]_Benefits_Advantages

Jianpi cake belongs to a diet therapy, mainly for appetizing and strengthening the spleen. It is mostly used for patients with weak spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, and thin stools.

Everyone knows that it is not easy for people with spleen deficiency to nourish their body, so I recommend spleen cake to mediate spleen deficiency. This kind of cake is made up of eight kinds of food, such as barley and lotus seeds, or lotus root.

1. Grind all Chinese medicine powder. If you can’t grind it yourself, general pharmacies can help to process it into powder, and the amount of eight rice cakes can be made on it.

It’s the size of rice cakes on the market.

2. First adjust the corn starch with boiling water, about 100 grams of water, then pour the boiling water into the rice noodles, stir with the chopsticks until the rice noodles are wet, and add the bazhen powder.

It is best to knead the dough for a long time, knead the dough until it is not sticky, cut into long strips, steam in a boiling water pot for 10 minutes, and see that the surface is shiny.

3, take out to cool, you can slice or block, steam when you want to eat, cold taste is also very good.

4. For convenience, it can also be cut into small pieces and wrapped with plastic wrap.

5, the rice flour must be boiled with water, the cake will be softer and waxier.