[How to fry the ingredients of Wanzhou grilled fish]_How to fry_How to fry

[How to fry the ingredients of Wanzhou grilled fish]_How to fry_How to fry

Chongqing Wanzhou’s grilled fish used to be particularly famous. Many people will imitate Chongqing Wanzhou’s grilled fish and cook it at home. In fact, Wanzhou grilled fish is famous because its ingredients are special and special.In the process of fish, instead of adding fish, you can also add some side dishes such as bean sprouts, fungus, etc. This way, the taste of grilled fish is more delicious, so how to fry the ingredients of Wanzhou grilled fish?

Extremely, grilled fish markets around the world can be described as wind and water, and all forms of grilled fish shops are selling hotly. The business model of grilled fish has risen in large numbers, even because of its dining form and the taste of cuisine.And also because this business model is easier to standardize and quickly replicate.

Some people attribute the success of Wanzhou grilled fish to: one is that Wanzhou grilled fish has a variety of flavors and flavors, and the other is that Wanzhou grilled fish has the advantages of hot pot, dry pot, soup pot, and barbecue in one, letting focus on a singleVariety of restaurants can also be bigger and stronger.

Know the proper knowledge of Wanzhou grilled fish. The process of making it is to pickle the whole fish and taste it, and then grill it on the fire until it is crispy and tender inside (now it is also baked in the oven or fried directly in the oil pan), and thenPour into a stainless steel dish, pour freshly fried side dishes with flavored sauce, and serve to ignite for guests to eat.

The Wanzhou grilled fish has more oil and less soup, and the oil and water mixture needs to be used to cook the fish during the production process. Therefore, the spicy and fragrant grilled fish flavor oil is very important.

Refined grilled fish spicy oil ingredients: 25 liters of vegetable oil, 1000 grams of shallots, 1000 grams of onion pieces, 750 grams of ginger pieces, 500 grams of carrot slices, 500 grams of cucumber sticks, 250 grams of coriander festival, 6000 grams of chili peppers?
7500 grams.

Spices: 300 grams of star anise?
400 grams, 400 grams of cumin?
500 grams, dried green red pepper 1500 grams, fragrant leaves 125 grams, white cardamom 80 grams, spirit grass 60 grams, cloves 10 grams, 20 grams of scallion, 100 grams of lemon grass, 60 grams of mangosteen, 100-120 grams of purple grass, 5 Luo Han Guo, 90 grams of cinnamon, 100 grams of peel.

Primary processing: 1. Broken Luo Han Guo, chopped cinnamon bark and tangerine bark into pieces, cut citronella grass into short knots, and add it with star anise, cumin, fragrant leaves, white cardamom, mangosteen, spirit grass, clove and pepper.Pot, soaked in boiling water and softened for later use.

2, put the dried green red pepper in another pot, also soaked in boiling water to soften.

3, put the vegetable oil on the pan and heat it up, and then cool off the heat.

To make vegetable oil: 1. When the oil temperature in the pot is more than 50% to 60% hot, take out the cucumber sticks, carrot slices, onion pieces and scallions, and fry over low heat until the water is dry.

2. Add ginger cubes and coriander festival, and fry them to get vegetable oil.

Making grilled fish spicy oil: When the temperature of vegetable oil in the pan replaces 30% of the heat, stir-fry the chili peppers and stir well. Change to low heat until the peppers are dark red. Add the spiced spices and stir well, then add the purpleGrass, continue to fry until the water is dry and fragrant, fry the green and red peppers that have been soaked and stir-fry, remove the heat and filter out the grease with a colander. Serve.